Statewide Health Coordinating Council Committees and Members

Updated: January 23, 2015    
Hospital Committee   Long Term Care Committee
Sen. Greg Reed - Chairman   Rev. John Killian - Chairman
Ross Gunnells - Vice Chairman   Brandon Farmer - Vice Chairman
Dr. Tommy Bender   Linda Segrest
Dr. Ruth Yates   Sen. Greg Reed
Dr. James Walburn   William Smith
Dr. Josh Vasik   Barbara Estep
Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin    
Freddy Ard    
Sue Neuwien    
Sen. Jim McClendon    
Ms. Brenda Culver    
Special Needs   Specialty Services
- Chair   Wayne Pate - Chairman
Robbie Owen - Vice Chairman   Dr. Vera Soong - Vice Chairwoman
Blaine Galliher   Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin
Brenda Culver   Linda Segrest
Tuerk Schlesinger   Barbara Estep
Timothy Parker   Don Lilly
General Items   Home Health
Dr. Tommy Bender - Chairman   Rep. April Weaver - Chairwoman
Dr. McCain Ashurst - Vice Chairman   Wayne Pate - Vice Chairman
Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin   Stephen Preston
Tuerk Schlesinger   William Smith
Robbie Owen   Barbara Estep
Dr. Don Williamson    
The Study Committee on Freestanding Emergency Departments   Preventative Care Committee
Dr. James Walburn - Chairman    - Chair
Rep. April Weaver - Vice Chairwoman    - Vice Chair
Ross Gunnells   Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin
Don Lilly   Ross Gunnells
Dr. Don Williamson   Dr. Tommy Bender
    Dr. McCain Ashurst
Methadone Treatment Clinic Review Committee    
Devinti Williams - Chairman    
Barbara Estep - Vice Chairwoman    
Rep. April Weaver    
Timothy Parker    
Stephen Preston