Reviewability Determination Requests

Application Number Applicant Updated Date
RV2015-001 Riverside Health & Rehabilitation, LLC 10/14/2014
RV2015-002 AseraCare Hospice - Russellville 10/16/2014
RV2015-003 Golden Living Center - Foley 10/24/2014
RV2015-004 Fresenius Medical Care Tallassee 10/24/2014
RV2015-005 Keller Home Care 11/03/2014
RV2015-006 AseraCare Hospice-Monroeville, LLC 11/04/2014
  Citizens Baptist Medical Center 11/10/2014
RV2015-007 Golden Living Center-Oneonta 11/14/2014
RV2015-008 Hughston Clinic 11/19/2014
RV2015-009 Champion Sports Medicine - Hand Therapy 12/12/2014
RV2015-010 Appalachian Cardiovascular Associates 12/15/2014
RV2015-011 The Summitt Health & Rehab Services, Inc. 12/22/2014
RV2015-012 Hale County Hospital 01/15/2015
RV2015-013 SouthernCare Daphne 01/23/2015
RV2015-014 SouthernCare Demopolis 01/23/2015
RV2015-015 SouthernCare Greenville 01/23/2015
RV2015-016 Covenant Hospice, Inc. Brewton 01/27/2015
RV2015-017 SouthernCare Cullman 02/04/2015
RV2015-018 Regional Health Management Corporation 02/19/2015
RV2015-019 AseraCare Hospice-Demopolis 02/20/2015
RV2015-020 Southern Alabama Surgery Center, LLC d/b/a Surgery Center South 02/27/2015
  Bibb Medical Center 03/05/2015
RV2015-021 Elmore Community Hospital 03/05/2015
RV2015-022 Crowne Health Care of Mobile, LLC 04/07/2015
RV2015-023 Comfort Care Home Health 04/08/2015
RV2015-024 Golden Living Center Montgomery 04/14/2015
RV2015-025 Charlton Place 04/29/2015
RV2015-026 Jackson County Healthcare Authority 05/29/2015
RV2015-027 Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Enterprise 06/04/2015
RV2015-028 Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Dothan 06/04/2015
RV2015-029 Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Decatur 06/04/2015
RV2015-030 Fresenius Medical Care Gadsden, LLC 06/09/2015
RV2015-031 Crestwood Medical Center 06/10/2015
RV2015-032 Cloverdale Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 06/18/2015
RV2015-033 Renal Treatment Centers - Southeast, LP d/b/a Colonel Dialysis 06/23/2015
RV2015-034 Baptist Medical Center - Princeton 06/23/2015
RV2015-035 Dialysis Services of Decatur, LLC 07/02/2015
RV2015-036 Infirmary HomeCare of Grove Hill 07/07/2015
RV2015-037 Troy Regional Medical Center Home Health 07/10/2015
RV2015-038 New Beacon of Scottsboro 07/27/2015
RV2015-039 New Beacon of Birmingham 07/27/2015
RV2015-039 REVISED New Beacon of Birmingham 07/29/2015
RV2015-040 New Beacon of Anniston 07/27/2015
RV2015-040 REVISED New Beacon of Anniston 07/29/2015
RV2015-041 New Beacon of Jasper 07/27/2015
RV2015-042 Golden Living Center - Pell City 07/27/2015
RV2015-043 Rehab Associates - Millbrook 07/30/2015
RV2015-044 Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida 08/04/2015
RV2015-045 Renal Treatment Centers - Southeast, LP d/b/a DaVita Hokes Bluff 08/10/2015
RV2015-046 Southeast Alabama HomeCare of Eufaula 09/18/2015
RV2015-047 Golden Living Center - Meadowood 10/01/2015
RV2016-001 Eufala Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC 10/07/2015
RV2016-002 Gadsden Regional Medical Center 10/07/2015
RV2016-003 Northwest Medical Center, Inc. 10/21/2015
RV2016-004 Advance Rehabilitation & Consulting 10/26/2015
RV2016-005 Metro Treatment of Alabama, LP for Mobile 10/28/2015
RV2016-006 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine - Homewood 10/28/2015
RV2016-007 River Region Cardiology Associates, P.C. 11/09/2015
RV2016-008 Bradford Health Services - Huntsville 11/12/2015
RV2016-009 Bradford Health Services - Warrior 11/12/2015
RV2016-010 Mizell Memorial Hospital HomeCare, LLC d/b/a LHC HomeCare of South Alabama 12/14/2015
RV2016-011 Cullman Regional Medical Center 12/23/2015
RV2016-012 Comprehensive Medical Affiliates, LLC 01/04/2016
RV2016-013 Homestead Hospice, LLC 01/11/2016
RV2016-014 SouthernCare Greenville 02/09/2016
  Russell Medical Center 02/17/2016
RV2016-015 HGA HomeCare, LLC d/b/a Huntsville Hospital HomeCare 02/23/2016
RV2016-016 Comfort Care Coastal Hospice, LLC d/b/a Comfort Care Coastal Hospice - Mobile 03/09/2016
RV2016-017 Capitol Hill Healthcare 03/14/2016
RV2016-018 LHCG XXIX, LLC d/b/a Keller Home Care (Branch Location in Muscle Shoals, AL) 03/21/2016
RV2016-019 LHCG XXIX, LLC d/b/a Keller Hospice 03/21/2016
RV2016-020 Comfort Care Coastal Home Health, LLC d/b/a Comfort Care Coastal Home Health - Mobile 03/21/2016
  Andalusia Regional Hospital 03/29/2016
RV2016-021 Renal Treatment Centers - Southeast, LP d/b/a Barbour County Dialysis 04/01/2016
RV2016-022 Infirmary Home Health Agency, Inc. d/b/a Infirmary HomeCare 05/23/2016
RV2016-023 LHCG XXIX, LLC d/b/a Heartlite Hospice 06/07/2016
RV2016-024 Coosa Valley HomeCare, LLC d/b/a Coosa Valley HomeCare 06/10/2016
RV2016-025 Comfort Care Coastal Hospice, LLC d/b/a Comfort Care Coastal Hospice - Baldwin 06/27/2016
RV2016-026 East Alabama Medical Center 06/28/2016
RV2016-027 SouthernCare Greenville 07/07/2016
RV2016-028 SouthernCare Greenville 07/07/2016
RV2016-029 ARC Therapy Services, d/b/a Brookdale Therapy 07/22/2016
RV2016-030 Vascular Associates of South Alabama, LLC 07/25/2016
RV2016-031 Fresenius Kidney Care Cullman 08/24/2016
RV2016-032 Dialysis Clinic, Inc. 09/07/2016
RV2016-033 BBH BMC, LLC d/b/a Brookwood Baptist Medical Center 09/21/2016
RV2017-001 Rebound Rehab 10/06/2016
RV2017-002 Methodist Homes for the Aging, d/b/a Fair Haven Retirement Community 10/13/2016
RV2017-003 Alabama Hospice Care of Birmingham 11/01/2016
RV2017-004 The Children's Hospital of Alabama 11/14/2016
RV2017-006 St. Vincent's East 12/01/2016
RV2017-007 Pathway Healthcare - Alabama 12/12/2016
RV2017-008 Leoti Dialysis, LLC d/b/a Tennessee River Dialysis 12/21/2016
  Monroe County Hospital 12/21/2016
  Monroe County Hospital 12/29/2016
RV2017-009 Choice Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 01/13/2017
RV2017-005 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 01/17/2017
RV2017-010 Brookdale Home Health 01/18/2017
RV2017-011 Bama Heart Doc, P.C. d/b/a Alabama Heart and Vascular Medicine 01/31/2017
RV2017-012 Specialized Therapy Services, Inc. 02/14/2017
RV2017-013 Comfort Care Hospice of Brewton 03/03/2017
RV2017-014 Fresenius Kidney Care Millbrook 03/23/2017
RV2017-015 TLC Nursing Center 03/28/2017
RV2017-016 Cherokee Community Dialysis 03/30/2017
RV2017-017 Physicians Choice Dialysis of Luverne 03/30/2017
RV2017-018 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine - 50056 04/11/2017
RV2017-019 Prattville Community Dialysis, LLC 05/01/2017
RV2017-020 Urology Centers of Alabama, P.C. 05/02/2017
RV2017-020 UPDATE Urology Centers of Alabama, P.C. 06/09/2017
RV2017-021 Alabama Sleep Therapy, LLC 05/02/2017
RV2017-022 Cardiovascular Institute of the Shoals, P.C. 05/08/2017
RV2017-022 UPDATE Cardiovascular Institute of the Shoals, P.C. 06/13/2017
RV2017-023 University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Center 06/16/2017
RV2017-024 Fresenius Medical Care Northwest Alabama 05/22/2017
RV2017-025 Children's Hospital of Alabama 05/30/2017
RV2017-026 Shoals Primary Care Sleep Disorders Center 06/06/2017
RV2017-027 Fresenius Medical Care Tuscaloosa Foothills, LLC 06/07/2017
RV2017-028 Huntsville Hospital 06/30/2017
RV2017-029 Comfort Care Hospice of Decatur 06/29/2017
RV2017-029 UPDATE Comfort Care Hospice of Decatur 07/07/2017
RV2017-032 Home Dialysis of North Alabama 08/07/2017
  Washington County Health Care Authority, Inc. 09/05/2017
RV2017-033 Birmingham Heart Clinic, P.C. 09/05/2017
RV2017-031 DVA Renal Healthcare, Inc., d/b/a Red Mountain Home Training Dialysis 09/25/2017
RV2017-034 Troy Health & Rehabilitation Center 09/25/2017
RV2017-030 Mobile Infirmary Medical Center 10/30/2017
RV2017-035 Baptist Home Health 10/30/2017
RV2017-036 Restore Therapy Services Outpatient - Tuscaloosa County 11/27/2017
RV2018-001 Restore Therapy Services, Ltd. - Huntsville 10/30/2017
RV2018-002 HealthSouth of Alabama 11/27/2017
RV2018-003 CP Home Care Vance 11/27/2017
RV2018-004 Meadowview Nursing Center 11/27/2017
RV2018-005 Southern Alabama Surgery Center d/b/a Surgery Center South 12/18/2017
RV2018-006 Alabama Vascular Solutions 01/11/2018