Notices of Change of Ownership


Change of Ownership Number Applicant Updated Date
CO2015-001 Troy Regional Medical Center Home Health 10/15/2014
CO2015-002 Decatur Ambulatory Surgery Center 10/21/2014
CO2015-003 Arbor Woods Health and Rehab 10/29/2014
CO2015-004 Helen Keller Hospital 11/24/2014
CO2015-005 Red Bay Hospital 11/24/2014
CO2015-006 Russellville Hospital 11/25/2014
CO2015-007 Northwest Medical Center 11/25/2014
CO2015-008 Lakeland Community Hospital 11/25/2014
CO2015-009 Affinity Home Hospice Services 11/26/2014
CO2015-010 Riverview Physical Medicine 12/03/2014
CO2015-011 Gadsden Endoscopy 12/03/2014
CO2015-012 Riverview Regional Medical Center 12/03/2014
CO2015-013 RMC Jacksonville 12/05/2014
CO2015-014 Care First Hospice 12/16/2014
CO2015-015 St. Vincent's Home Health of Jefferson County 12/16/2014
CO2015-016 St. Vincent's Home Health of St. Clair County 12/16/2014
CO2015-017 Covenant Hospice, Inc. 02/04/2015
CO2015-018 Merrill Gardens at Albertville Garden House 02/17/2015
CO2015-019 Oxton Senior Living, LLC 03/05/2015
CO2015-020 LHCG XVIII, LLC 03/30/2015
CO2015-021 Traylor Retirement Community 04/10/2015
CO2015-022 Traylor Retirement Community 04/10/2015
CO2015-023 Atmore Community Hospital 04/24/2015
CO2015-024 Mobile Bay Rehabilitation Hospital 05/11/2015
CO2015-025 The Haven Memory Care Facility 05/14/2015
CO2015-026 Pleasant Properties, LLC 06/18/2015
CO2015-027 Olive Home, Inc. - Oneonta #2 06/24/2015
CO2015-028 Mobile Infirmary 07/02/2015
CO2015-029 DaySpring Hospice, LLC 07/16/2015
CO2015-030 City of York Healthcare Authority 07/16/2015
CO2015-031 Rittenhouse Senior Living of Hoover 08/18/2015
CO2015-032 Princeton Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-033 Princeton Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-034 Shelby Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-035 Shelby Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-036 Walker Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-037 Walker Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-038 Walker Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-039 Walker Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-040 Citizens Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-041 Citizens Baptist Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-042 Citizens Baptist Home Health 09/02/2015
CO2015-043 Citizens Baptist Hospice 09/02/2015
CO2015-044 Brookwood Medical Center 09/02/2015
CO2015-045 Gardendale Surgical Associates 09/09/2015
CO2015-046 CareSouth HHA Holdings of Valley, LLC 09/17/2015
CO2015-047 CareSouth HHA Holdings of Dothan, LLC 09/17/2015
CO2015-048 Angels for the Elderly IV 09/21/2015
CO2015-049 Valley Regional Cancer Center/Bethesda Cancer Center 09/24/2015
CO2015-050 Allen Memorial Home 09/24/2015
CO2015-051 Angels for the Elderly I 09/28/2015
CO2015-052 Angels for the Elderly II 09/28/2015
CO2015-053 Angels for the Elderly III 09/28/2015
CO2015-054 Angels for the Elderly IV 09/28/2015
CO2015-055 Houston Treatment Center, LLC 09/29/2015
CO2015-056 Calhoun Treatment Center, Inc. 09/29/2015
CO2015-057 One Nineteen ASC, LLC 10/01/2015
CO2016-001 Daniel Senior Living of Inverness, I, LLC 10/09/2015
CO2016-002 Hometown Hospice, Inc. 10/13/2015
CO2016-003 Princeton Baptist Medical Center 10/13/2015
CO2016-004 Walker Baptist Medical Center 10/13/2015
CO2016-005 Walker Baptist Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center 10/13/2015
CO2016-006 Citizens Baptist Medical Center 10/13/2015
CO2016-007 Citizens Baptist Hospice 10/13/2015
CO2016-008 Citizens Baptist Home Health 10/13/2015
CO2016-009 Shadescrest Health and Rehab 10/20/2015
CO2016-010 Cambridge Place 10/20/2015
CO2016-011 Athens Rehabilitation and Senior Care 10/20/2015
CO2016-012 Mercy Medical Hospice 10/22/2015
CO2016-013 Mercy Medical Home Health 10/30/2015
CO2016-014 Bradford Health Services - Huntsville 11/12/2015
CO2016-015 Bradford Health Services - Warrior 11/12/2015
CO2016-016 Dialysis Newco, Inc. d/b/a DSI South Dialysis 11/13/2015
CO2016-017 Athens-Limestone Hospital 11/25/2015
CO2016-018 Terrace Manor Nursing & Rehab Center 11/30/2015
CO2016-019 Ashton Gables 12/01/2015
CO2016-020 North Alabama Specialty Hospital 12/02/2015
CO2016-021 Riverside Health & Rehabilitation 12/04/2015
CO2016-022 The Manor at Chateau Vestavia 12/10/2015
CO2016-023 Kelley Place SCALF 12/28/2015
  Cover Letter for CO2016-024, CO2016-025, and CO2016-026 12/30/2015
CO2016-024 Magnolia Place 12/30/2015
CO2016-025 Camellia Place 12/30/2015
CO2016-026 Azalea Place 12/30/2015
CO2016-027 Hospice Advantage Holdings, LLC 01/14/2016
CO2016-028 Stepping Stone Pediatric Therapy, Inc. 01/19/2016
CO2016-029 Northeast Alabama Treatment Center 01/22/2016
CO2016-030 Heartlite Hospice, Inc. 02/02/2016
CO2016-031 Eastern Shore Rehabilitation and Health Center  02/03/2016
CO2016-032 Oasis Healthcare, Inc. 02/12/2016
CO2016-033 Morning Pointe of Tuscaloosa 02/17/2016
  Cover Letter for CO2016-034, CO2016-035, and CO2016-036 03/21/2016
CO2016-034 Cherokee Medical Center 03/21/2016
CO2016-035 DeKalb Regional Medical Center 03/21/2016
CO2016-036 L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital 03/21/2016
CO2016-037 Angels for the Elderly I 03/24/2016
CO2016-038 Angels for the Elderly II 03/24/2016
CO2016-039 Angels for the Elderly III 03/24/2016
CO2016-040 Angels for the Elderly IV 03/24/2016
CO2016-041 Golden Living Center - Trussville 04/19/2016
CO2016-042 Allen Memorial Home 04/20/2016
CO2016-043 The Manor at Chateau Vestavia SCALF 04/21/2016
CO2016-044 Hickory Hill 05/12/2016
CO2016-045 Madison Surgery Center, LLC 05/16/2016
CO2016-046 Aspire Physical Recovery Center at Cahaba River, LLC 05/23/2016
CO2016-047 Gadsden Home Care Services, LLC d/b/a Gadsden Regional Hospice 05/23/2016
CO2016-048 Aliceville Manor Nursing Home 05/27/2016
CO2016-049 Oxton Court of Opelika 06/03/2016
CO2016-050 Oxton Court at Waterford Place 06/03/2016
CO2016-051 Kemp Meadows Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility 06/03/2016
CO2016-052 Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital Baldwin County 06/22/2016
CO2016-053 Beacon Childrens Hospital 06/28/2016
CO2016-054 Citronelle Health and Rehabilitation Center 06/30/2016
CO2016-055 Southeast Home Health, LLC d/b/a Health Now Home Health 07/14/2016
CO2016-056 Shangri-La Assisted Living 07/19/2016
CO2016-057 D.W. McMillan Home Health 08/04/2016 
CO2016-058 Mountain View Lake Retirement Village 08/11/2016
CO2016-059 Beckwood Manor, Inc. 08/18/2016
CO2016-060 Sunrise Specialty Care Assisted Living 08/23/2016
CO2016-061 Homewood of Greenville 09/02/2016
CO2016-062 Golden Living Center - Arab 09/02/2016
CO2016-063 Golden Living Center - Bessemer 09/02/2016
CO2016-064 Golden Living Center - Boaz 09/02/2016
CO2016-065 Golden Living Center - Foley 09/02/2016
CO2016-066 Golden Living Center - Hueytown 09/02/2016
CO2016-067 Golden Living Center - Lanett 09/02/2016
CO2016-068 Golden Living Center - Montgomery 09/02/2016
CO2016-069 Golden Living Center - Oneonta 09/02/2016
CO2016-070 Golden Living Center - Oxford 09/02/2016
CO2016-071 Golden Living Center - Pell City 09/02/2016
CO2016-072 Golden Living Center - Riverchase 09/02/2016
CO2016-073 Golden Living Center - Winfield 09/02/2016
CO2016-074 Brookside on Cody Specialty Care 10/03/2016
CO2016-075 Brentwood Retirement Community I 10/03/2016
CO2016-076 Brentwood Retirement Community II 10/03/2016
CO2017-001 Shelby Baptist Medical Center 10/06/2016
CO2017-002 Shelby Baptist Medical Center 10/06/2016
CO2017-003 Greensprings I 11/07/2016
CO2017-004 Northridge Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility 11/14/2016
CO2017-005 Homestead Hospice of Southwest Alabama 12/13/2016
  Cover Letter for CO2017-006, CO2017-007, CO2017-008, and CO2017-009 11/21/2016
CO2017-006 DeKalb Regional Home Health 11/21/2016
CO2017-007 Cherokee Community Home Health 11/21/2016
CO2017-008 Gadsden Regional Home Health 11/21/2016
CO2017-009 Central Alabama Home Health 11/21/2016
CO2017-010 Compassus-Demopolis 11/23/2016
CO2017-011 Danberry at Inverness 01/13/2017
CO2017-012 Gadsden Surgery Center 02/15/2017
CO2017-013 Shoals Outpatient Surgery 02/15/2017
CO2017-014 Optum Palliative and Hospice Care, Inc. 03/06/2017
CO2017-015 Optum Palliative and Hospice Care, Inc. 03/06/2017
CO2017-016 Southern Home Health Services 03/10/2017
CO2017-017 Cherokee Medical Center 03/14/2017
CO2017-018 CV Home Health of Bibb County 03/21/2017
CO2017-019 CV Home Health Services 03/21/2017
CO2017-020 Vitas Innovative Hospice Care of Fultondale 03/21/2017
CO2017-021 CRM of Meadowood, LLC d/b/a Meadowood Retirement Village 03/28/2017
CO2017-022 Stringfellow Memorial Hospital 04/03/2017
CO2017-023 Beacon Children's Hospital 04/12/2017
CO2017-024 Westminster Village 04/26/2017
CO2017-025 ACE Home Health Care 05/16/2017
CO2017-026 Ultra Care Inc. d/b/a Ultra Care of Etowah County 05/16/2017
CO2017-027 Park Place Nursing and Rehabilitation 06/13/2017
CO2017-028 Hospice Family Care, Inc. 06/20/2017
CO2017-029 Physician's Choice Dialysis of Union Springs 07/17/2017
CO2017-030 Physician's Choice Dialysis of Lee County 07/17/2017
CO2017-031 Physician's Choice Dialysis of Attalla 07/17/2017
CO2017-032 Physician's Choice Dialysis of Gadsden 07/17/2017
CO2017-033 Vitas Innovative Hospice Care of Fultondale 08/04/2017
CO2017-034 Tuscaloosa Treatment Center 08/11/2017
CO2017-035 The Haven Memory Care Facility 08/18/2017
CO2017-036 The Brennity at Daphne MC 08/24/2017
CO2017-037 The Haven for Greater Living, Inc. 08/24/2017
CO2017-038 Wedowee Hospital 09/18/2017
CO2017-038(Supplemental Info) Wedowee Hospital 09/26/2017
CO2017-039 RRC Bessemer Home Choice 09/18/2017
CO2017-040 RRC Northridge 09/18/2017
CO2017-041 Fairhope Health and Rehab 09/18/2017
CO2017-042 Autumn Cove Memory Care 09/25/2017
CO2017-043 The Terrace at Grove Park SCALF 09/25/2017
CO2017-044 Gadsden Treatment Center 09/25/2017
CO2017-045 Shoals Treatment Center 09/25/2017
CO2017-046 Northwest Alabama Treatment Center 10/13/2017
CO2017-047 L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital 10/26/2017
CO2018-001 L.V. Stabler Memorial Home Health 10/26/2017
CO2018-002 Encompass Home Health of Alabama 10/26/2017
CO2018-003 Encompass Home Health of Alabama 10/26/2017
CO2018-004 Bay Eyes Surgery Center, Inc. d/b/a Visionary Surgery Institute 10/30/2017
CO2018-005 Medical Center Barbour 11/27/2017
CO2018-006 The Surgery Center of Cullman 11/27/2017
CO2018-007 Oak Grove Inn 12/12/2017
CO2018-008 Manor House of Opelika 02/16/2018
CO2018-009 Cedar Crest 02/16/2018
CO2018-012 Fairview Health & Rehabilitation Center 02/16/2018
CO2018-013 Montrose Bay Health & Rehabilitation Center 02/16/2018
CO2018-011 Warren Manor Health & Rehabilitation Center 02/16/2018
CO2018-010 Woodley Manor Health & Rehabilitation 02/16/2018
CO2018-014 Kemp Meadows Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility 03/13/2018
CO2018-015 Willow Trace Health and Rehabilitation Center 03/13/2018
CO2018-016 Camellia Hospice of Alabama 03/21/2018
CO2018-018 Camellia Hospice of Northeast Alabama 03/21/2018
CO2018-019 Camellia Hospice-Demopolis 03/21/2018
CO2018-020 Manor House at Waterford Place 03/21/2018
CO2018-021 Northwest Alabama Treatment Center 03/26/2018
CO2018-023 Lake Martin Hospice 03/30/2018
CO2018-024 Chandler Health & Rehab Center, LLC 04/11/2018
CO2018-025 Oasis Healthcare, Inc. 04/11/2018
CO2018-022 LP Vestavia, LLC d/b/a Longleaf at Liberty Park 04/13/2018